Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A little bit again

On Monday and today I ran for 30-40 minutes plus weights. With all this snow and ice I haven't been on the bike again. This winter is the worst one I can remember in a decade.

I hope to get in a long ride on Sunday if anyone is up for it. It sounds cold! Paul V? Alex?

Happy training.


gpickle said...

Well Paul, I finally broke down and got myself a blogger identity so I can chat with folks that don't allow anonymous banter and/or name calling.

So now that I am here, you need to change that attitude pronto, mister, because this is the best winter in years! You just need to make a small investment in skis or snowshoes but either way you can be out there sweating and smiling in the deep fluff until the bike is once again the best way to travel.

bontrag said...

Hey Paul. I'll watch the forecast, but the last rides in 25 deg+ I haven't had enough gear to keep warm, I hate whinin but I've noticed some damage I can't make my 2 mile commute without my fingers and toes completely numb in 20+ weather. I've just about headed up to JAX, but since I don't know where I'll be in a few months, spending a chunk o change on more gear is a risk.

I do wanna get out bad though. I've got my Surly ready with the right tires etc... May even flip it back to single speed:)

30 or 40 miles might be alright, I'll keep in touch.

Paul said...

Gpickle. You couldn't be more right. I used to run all winter long outside. Two years ago I only missed six school days from October through the end of the year biking 8 miles or more. This year I am a wimp. Part of it is that I am taking on more of a leadership role in my school while I was the new guy two years ago and didn't know what I didn't know. Now I am doing work for the new guy because he doesn't know what to do.

My attitude sucks and I used to have people tell me that I had the most positive attitude of anyone they have met. I haven't heard that for a while!

So, thanks for the kick in the pants. Hopefully it toughens me up a bit. Lord knows I need it about right now.

I am glad to see you have your blogger identity!

Paul said...

Alex, I totally understand about riding when it is cold. I have some winter cycling shoes and they make all the difference in the world.

I will post something on Saturday I hope about some specifics.

bontrag said...

Paul, it looks about 20 degrees warmer Saturday, but that means it'd be really sloppy.