Monday, December 10, 2007

Enough is Enough Already!

So, here we are around over 4.5 months away from TI and I am already obsessing. I swore this was not going to happen again. Last year, I didn't even commit to riding Dirty Kanza until the week before the race and it was arguably my best race yet. Why can't I do that for TI? It just makes it that much more daunting.

I did order my rims. Hopefully they work out well!

Salsa Delgado Race 29er rims
DMR Revolver hubs
DT Swiss Super Comp

$400 built.

Would you run a cross tire, such as the Kenda Small Block 8, for TI or would you run a 2.1 tire? I need as much speed as possible.

To help keep myself somewhat accountable I hope to add just a bit about what I am doing for training thus far.
Out of the house to the gym at 5:15. Thirty minutes of stairmaster as the dreadmills were all packed! Then 30 minutes of weights.


Chris said...

My tires measured 1.75" in tread width last year. Honestly I found that more than comfy. I debated running skinny cross tires (30-32c) like Ira and Hannon but I'm still glad I didn't. Every training ride I did in gravel and washboard on my road sized tires I thought "no way".

If you are talking actual MTB tires though, go as skinny and fast as you can.

Paul said...

I ran the same tires as you last year I believe. Kenda Klimax Lites. Mine literally measured just a hair over 1.5. I loved the tires and they were fast (for me!) and comfy. This is what has got me thinking of a cross tire. Not a super skinny tire, but I think the Small Block Eight is a 32. Heck, it is only 310-320 grams versus most 29er mtb tires are double that.

I have a lot of time to test ride some tires!

gjc said...

I can WTB mutanoraptors (29 x 1.85); felt pretty good to me. But, what do I know? 610 grams, I believe.

Reflector Collector said...

Paul, so much of the fun is the second-guessing! It's the anticipation that keeps me motivated.

Everyone does a good job of coming up with other ideas too that can put in doubt everything you think you just figured out.

Gotta luv it.

Paul said...

No shit!