Sunday, December 16, 2007


I took off for a ride today to brave the ice. I have never seen so much ice on the roads for this long. I swear the city and county crews have given up as the roads are still in horrible shape, even in town.

I took off for Ames as I wanted to deliver my Forerunner GPS watch to Matt so he could measure out his ski routes. It was a wonderful ride into town. I know I have only been back running and lifting for the last three or so weeks, but I could tell that I was stronger on the pedals. Time to increase the gear ratio! Cruised around Ames, even giving the ISU cross country course a try, but the snow was still a little too soft. Except the sledding hill which I had a blast riding down! I cruised around the icy trails and side streets before hitting the gravel east of Ames to get home. Just a bit over 3 hours total.

The new boots worked amazingly well in the 17 degree temps. I didn't use the neoprene shoe covers today as I wanted to see how the boots would do alone. My toes were just starting to get a bit cold near the end, but certainly not stinging cold! With my neoprene boots over the cycling boots I should be good to go to near zero I would think. Especially if I add some chemical warmers.

Matt told me that my rims are done so I am very excited about that! Now I just have to come up with $400 bucks! And before Christmas! Fortunately, I have been saving a bit for these so hopefully it doesn't hurt too badly!

Happy training!


Matt Maxwell said...

My xc ski course is about exactly two miles. After seven laps I was at 13.99 miles and just seconds over three hours. I'm going to try to lengthen the course to about 2.5 miles so I don't have to do so many loops.

Paul said...

Sweet! How did 14 miles feel for ya?

Emily said...

"horrible??" i love what the ice does to the roads: it covers up the gravel!! smooooth...

the inebriationist said...

Hey Paul I groped your wheels today! Very nice. I hope you can still love them despite being with someone else. However, virgins they remain, as it was only innocent touching; we didn't roll or anything. It was just experimentation, follies of youth, they really love only you.

Talked to Matt about getting a ride or ski together for the 29th or 30th when he gets back from Cedar Rapids. That doesn't mean we can't get out a time or two without him while he's away...fiddlin' fiddlin'. Give me a call.

"We" means anyone, not just Paul, even though he's my favorite cycling friend. I kid. I kid.

Emily said...

cory, are you drunk??