Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pop up versus snooze

I had a strange thought go through my head when I woke up at 5:30 this morning feeling wide awake. I am currently on vacation, like much of you, and for whatever reason when I woke up this morning I popped out of bed like it was nothing. I was ready to tackle the day. What makes this so ironic is that during the week I can push the snooze button 2-3 times EASILY, and sometimes, I can literally push it for 45 minutes. In other words, 5 times! My wife, on the other hand, has the alarm go off at 5:00 am and she is usually jumping out of bed completely rested at 4:50 before the alarm even goes off! Why is it that I DREAD getting out of bed each morning? I feel horrible about it as I feel so lazy, which undoubtely, I am in the morning. What makes a person snap out of bed with ease versus pushing snooze for the upteenth time?

Any hints?

Update: After getting up and watching, yes watching Tammy do her hour long workout, I donned the clothes and headed out for an hour bike ride. It was 10 degrees with 25-40 mile per hour winds and windchills way to cold to think about. Fortunately the clothes worked out, but wind sucked. I literally had to pedal hard down a 2-3 percent grade hill just to make it down. Seriously. So, I was having so much fun I ended up riding two hours and stayed warm the whole time. This is what I wore:

Smartwool socks with Cannondale windproof socks. Northwave boots with Pearl Izumi neoprene boot covers. Feet were warm except against the wind and they were just a touch cold.

Cycling shorts under fleece running tights with Adidas running pants over them. Legs felt great.

Duofold shirt, another duofold shirt, jersey, medium weight fleece coat, wind proof coat.

Balaclova and a wool hat.

Ski gloves.

I was probably warmer, especially when riding with the wind, than I am sleeping from snooze to snooze each morning. Doesn't make sense does it!??!

Happy training!

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the inebriationist said...

Check this out:

It was in Time magazine along with the Jet Boil a couple years back as one of the year's best inventions. Been wanting to try it out myself, because I suffer from the same ailment. Even though I've no need to get up in the morning, I rather like mornings, but still have trouble feeling rested. Worth looking into, it makes sense, but a bit pricey.