Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SWEET! One to try!

Snow days are great! No school today! %^)

I was checking out some cross tires and found that Schwalbe makes the Racing Ralph in a cross tire! These tires are 35's and weigh in at 340 grams

This is very exciting news to me as I rode my last 26 X 2.1 Racing Ralphs for 4500 miles before I decided they had had a enough. I finished both Dirty Kanza's with this tire. I found them to be pretty fast, very comfy, and incredibly durable.



Matt Maxwell said...

Too bad about Saturday's ride. I got several hours of skiing in so it wasn't too much of a loss for me.

Are you going to Lance's winter bike race in Dubuque? I am planning on skiing it in prep for Arrowhead. I might be able to get us a place to stay with family in Dubuque.

Wheel parts are on the way!


Paul said...

As of right now I am planning on doing the race! I really am looking forward to it! It will be brutal that is for sure!

I can't imagine skiing it.

I will bring the GPS to the shop this week!