Thursday, December 13, 2007

Work and a bit of working out!

This has been a busy week even though we did have one day off due to the weather. Yesterday was a 14 hour day and I, like you I am sure, dread those long days even though they are very productive. Thankfully, my long days are productive.

On Tuesday I just got a 30 minute run in and tonight another 30 minute run and a weight session. This is how my typical run session goes:

Start off between 8:30-9 minute pace for the first .5 to 1 mile to warm up. I always run the treadmill at random so I am always running up hill at varying degrees. After the warm up session I will push the speed up button once ever .25 miles or twice every .5 mile with no real pattern to it. One psuh of the button is about 7 seconds per mile or so. So I go 8:30 then 8:23, then 8:15, 8:08, etc. I continue this until I have maybe 5 minutes left ( I am usually at 7:30 pace or so at this point) and then I will push the speed up button once or twice for every .1 miles. So, with about 1:30-2 minutes left then I push the up button every 10 seconds so I get down somewhere around 6:30 or so. So far this is comfortable. I think it ends up that my average is around 7:50-8:00 per mile, but I hardly am ever at that pace when it comes down to it. I am going to keep this up for at least another couple of weeks. And then I will probably do something different, maybe some repeats or something with a longer run of 6-10 miles once a week. I like to call workouts like I am doing Fartleks, which I believe in French means speed play.

Hopefully, we can get a decent day to melt off these gravel roads a bit so they aren't so icy. They truly suck right now.

Happy training.


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