Saturday, December 15, 2007


I am sure this is the Steve McGuire that finished TI last year and competed in the GDR as well:

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- A Coralville woman and her two children were pulled from their sinking car Friday by bystanders who saw the vehicle veer off an Iowa City road and into the Iowa River.

Iowa City police say Michelle Kehoe, 33, was distracted by 6-year-old Sean Kenoe, and 1-year-old Seth Kehoe, as she was driving. The car went out of control, struck a curb and plunged into the icy river at about 4:30 p.m.

Josh Shepherd and Steve McGuire, of Iowa City; Cory Rath, of Cedar Rapids; and Mark Petersen, of North Liberty, jumped into the water and pulled the Kehoe family to safety before the car sank.

Police said several other witnesses helped the Kehoe family and their rescuers after they exited the river until emergency crews arrived.

The Kehoes and Josh Shepherd were taken to University Hospital where they were treated for exposure.

The others declined medical treatment at the scene.


bontrag said...

Hey Paul. Nice work on the wheels. The Delgado Race Rims are some of lightest 29er rims out there. You'll have those for a long while. I'm not really sure you'll be able to put 32s on those rims though.

You should look at TPI. The higher the TPI the softer they are, yet the higher TPI the more prone to puncture they are. There are a lot of soft 32 width tires. Michelins are some of the softest I've ridden. Matt rides the mud and sprints, I like mine too. But on a couple rides we did there, I rode 40s then 42 IRC mythos CX tires. They're about 1.75"/42mm.

Did you get a chance to try those 40s I had you try. You can try other tires of mine if you ever wanna experiment. I'll be riding 30/35s on any training rides this spring. Those Schwalbes are $68! Pick up some $33 Maxxis Raze tires, they're 315 g, and have a similar pattern.

For 29er, look at Maxxis Crossmarks (2.1), the venerable WTB Nano Raptors (2.1), and new this year, the WTB Vulpines.

D.P. said...

Yep, I think that'd be the one, also a contender in the '07 GDR and graced the cover of the latest adventure cycling catalog and is on the roster for T.I. v4.

Paul said...

Bontrag, thanks for the advice! I will certainly consider it all! I am just looking at options right now!

Matt will kill me, but the Racing Ralph's are selling for about 34-35 bucks online.

I haven't had a chance to try your tires yet. Sorry. I am wanting to as soon as this ice melts. I went out for just a bit tonight around Gilbert and just about dumped it several times. This sucks big time. The new shoes rock though!

bontrag said...

Sounds good Paul. Try the tires whenever. I think I'll leave the snow adventures for commuting only. I'm glad I bought some rollers so I can get on the Bianchi and get some indoor miles.