Saturday, December 8, 2007


Well, I didn't end up riding after all. Well, at least not yet. I drove some of the gravel last night and after getting nearly an inch of ice this past week they are horrible. I have ridden in some pretty nasty conditions, but these conditions just aren't the safest. Being hard core and tough is one thing, but I just don't want to risk it right now.

Well, this past week has been a good one. I have been going to the gym on a regular basis and I am beginning to get my butt back into shape. I have lifted now four times this week, ran 3.5 miles at a steadily increasing pace up to around 6:30 pace, and today did an hour of the stairmaster. I could tell just the little bit of single speeding I have done has helped with the stair master quite a bit. So, I will keep this up and see how things go.

I have been really considering getting a bigger chain ring for the Flight or turning my Ibex into a single speed. I rode the Ibex for the first time since Labor Day weekend a couple of nights ago and I was just shocked at how different it felt compared to the Flight. Not in a bad way, just different. I need to get going on some short rides in the mornings or afternoons with a tough gear so all of the workouts are pushing me instead of riding 10-15 miles with a gear that is tolerable. I need to be getting pushed so that I can get faster. One thing I learned at TI V.3 was that I needed be a faster rider so I don't have the mental side beating myself up that I am not going to make it in time.

If you have any advice on a 36 tooth chain ring that won't break the bank I will take it.

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