Monday, December 24, 2007

Taking advantage of some vacation time!

This afternoon I rode from my parents house in Forest City to Tammy's parents house outside of Britt. Here is the route. I actually was able to ride just a tiny bit (and I mean tiny!) of the Trans Iowa V.1 route. It was fun thinking about how those guys must have been feeling at 7-8 at night after 14 hours of riding with a 30-35 mile per hour wind. More on that later...

So I rode the route into a 10-20 mile per hour wind and I will admit I was toast near the end. I was starting to cramp up just a bit, and then quite a bit in the final push on the last hill. I sure hope this single speeding deal gets me stronger, because it sure can be a lot of work! Which I am absolutely loving so far! I look forward to throwing on a 36 tooth ring just to further the punishment. Which gets me back to TI V.1. Patrick Humenny finished the race with a 44 X 16 gearing. Can you imagine? I rode 32 X 17 on a 29er today and it hurt. Paddy was the inspiration to ride single speed so thanks Paddy!

I am going to take tomorrow off and Cory and I are planning on riding on the 27th. If you want to join in on the fun leave Cory or I a comment.

Happy suffering

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