Sunday, December 2, 2007

Staying warm

Tammy and I went to the gym this morning. While my wife burns 1000 calories 5-6 days a week at the gym I haven't been there for months. I actually like going to the gym and today was hopefully the first day of some serious training before TI. We will see! %^)

I ran 3.5 miles on the dreadmill on the hills setting in 30 minutes. I wanted to take it easy as I hadn't run in a month or so. It was easy so my goal was accomplished. I then took out my weight lifting sheets from last year (still in the fill with everyone elses!). I decided to try the weights that it took me two months to be able to attain last year and it went well. There was only one lift that I couldn't do the 15 reps that I used to be able to do and that was the shoulder press where you lift the bar above your head. I have always been very weak doing that.

So, we will see if I can make it back. I also picked up a sheet on the spinning classes and Tammy actually told me that she would like to do it as well! WOW! I have never gone to a spin class so we will see how tough it really is!

Happy training.

UPDATE: Well, I just bought some Northwave winter cycling boots off of Ebay. Let's hope they work out. If not, they will be back on ebay!


PH said...


gjc said...

I bought an on-sale pair of Answer Kashmir boots last year. They have worked perfectly in weather down to 10 degrees with just one medium pair of Smartwool hiking socks. I rode last year in below 0 (windchill), and with two pair of socks they did fine. My feet never presented a problem. So, I bet your Northwave boots will do fine too. If they don't, try the Answers (they come big so I bought my normal size) or if you have a lot of money, get a pair of Sidi winter boots.

Paul said...

Yeah, I hope they work out. If nothing else I will just resell them. I just don't have the cash to spend the big $ on shoes. I got these for 62 bucks so that isn't bad for warm feet!

I hope the roads get better by this weekend. The gravel roads are frozen ruts from our ice/snow storm.

gjc said...

I bet they will do fine. I got my boots for about $100.
On another note, I will not be able to attend your ride.

Hope you guys have fun and the weather is good.

Emily said...

hey paul, remember me? ;) i just got some mxz302's, which means that we MUST ride together soon. my last final is next wednesday, so sometime after that, it's on.